Art History as Inspiration: Using Klimt in the Classroom

Art History is a big part of art making in my classroom.i try to introduce my students to different artists and ways of thinking. A lesson that was very successful was using Gustav Klimt in Creating a Pattern Illustration. I introduced students to Klimt through PowerPoints and Youtube videos.

The PowerPoint I use can be found here:

The YouTube videos I like come from Khan Academy. They can be found here on almost any subject in art history. They are very good and go to the actual works and film or photograph on site for many of their videos. They are very good!

Smarthistory,Art History at Khan Academy

Klimt’s the Kiss by Khan Academy:

This one is good too on the Beethoven Frieze:

I then introduce a variety of techniques in oil pastel drawing, including oil pastel with turpenoid, oil pastel with water color resist, and layering with oil pastel. I also teach color pencil layering  colors, cross hatching, and using rubbing alcohol with color pencil. For the entire lesson :

Here are some examples of the projects:




IMG_0333 IMG_0225


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