Advanced Placement Drawing

Advanced Placement Drawing portfolios went in a few weeks ago. Advanced Placement(AP) is a very challenging course in which students submit a body of work(24-29 pieces) that demonstrate they are working on a college level. They are evaluated by the college board, and if they meet the criteria will receive 3 college credits for their high school work.

My students worked diligently until the last few moments. The work produced was phenomenal! I am very proud of the work my students created! They are definitely one of the best groups I have taught. I feel very blessed and sad to see them graduate!!!!Here are some examples:

IMG_8244Hope M.

IMG_0059Hope M.

IMG_0067Faith M.

IMG_7913_1Faith M.

IMG_8189Diaka T.

IMG_8207Diaka T.

IMG_20150426_165705Alex C.

IMG_0035Alex C.

IMG_0054Latifah W.

IMG_6394Latifah W.

IMG_8253Nancy K.

IMG_8476Nancy K.


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