Day of the Dead

 Day of the Dead is a Latin American holiday celebrated October 31- November 2. It is characterized by skulls( Calavaras) , marigolds, and festivities that honor the dead. For a great PowerPoint I use to teach Day of the Dead, check this out:Day of the Dead

Art of the Day of the Dead-José Guadalupe Posada

            José Guadalupe Posada

Posada has become the artists most closely connected with Day of the Dead. He lived from 1872-1913 in Mexico. As a printmaker, Posadaused skulls and skeletons in a satirical way to shine a light on society. His work is popular today!

For more information , check Wikipedia here: Posada information

Sugar Skulls-Calavaras

Sugar skulls have become the symbols for the Day of the Dead. They appear in many forms in art and culinary delights! Here are some examples:

Photo: Nathaniel Sheetz

For a fun activity for younger children , you can do these creative Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets:Day of the Dead Coloring

Here are some amazing photo images of the Day of the Dead:Baltimore Sun – Day of the Dead

Enjoy Day of the Dead!


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